Fundraising Opportunities


Dine-Outs are opportunities to take you and/or your family out for a meal to a local restaurant where a percentage (varies by restaurant, but stated on the flyers) of your “check” subtotal is returned to FVRR.  These are a great way to meet other FVRR families in a non “school” activity!  In addition, these dine-outs contribute to supporting the FVRR program, which is one of the ways we can help to lower the contributions that FVRR requests from our students’ families.


Thank You for supporting FVHS Royal Regiment Boosters Assn.!



You can support FVRR without any additional money out of pocket by just starting each Amazon shopping experience at  Simply click on this link ( and login to your Amazon account to link your account with FVRR as your Smile beneficiary!  THANK YOU!