Bingo is an activity run by the “Baron Booster Club of Fountain Valley High School”, whose purpose is to “Provide funds to Fountain Valley High School”.  It is run at Fountain Valley High School in the school cafeteria on almost every Thursday night of the year (including summer).

FVRR (as well as other Booster groups supporting FVHS students/programs) earns money by filling bingo work shifts with FVRR supporters/boosters.

Below are some FAQs about the FVRR regarding Bingo:

Question: Does FVRR run the Bingo Program?
Answer: No, the overall program is run by “Baron Booster Club of Fountain Valley High School” volunteers that support many different school activities.  Each activity (softball, basketball, cheer, football, etc.) can earn funds for their organization at the rate of approximately $50 per volunteer shift.

Question: How many shifts is my family asked to work?
Answer: We ask each family to work 3 bingo shifts per year for FVRR (regardless of how many students you have in the FVRR program).

Question: How do I sign up for my families Bingo Shifts?
Answer: Send click here to sign-up for upcoming Bingo shifts. Please bring your FVRR Parent Bingo Record (Sign Off sheet) to have it signed by those running bingo that evening. Once your Bingo Record is completed with your 3 shifts, make a copy for your records and turn in the original to the “FVRR Boosters” box in Room 310 (black box on the white cabinet as you enter the Band Room)…or you can mail it to us at the P.O. Box listed a href=here (at the bottom of that page).

Question: Where can I view the schedule for shifts available and/or for which I have signed up to work?
Answer: To view the schedule, click here.  More shifts will be posted for future dates once they are available.

Question: What if I do not want to work Bingo (e.g. no time, against my beliefs, etc.)?
Answer: There are various reasons for not working bingo shifts and we respect that. We do ask that if you are not going to work any bingo shifts, that you contribute $50 per shift (so $150) as a buy out. The reason we ask for this is that we budget for the income from Bingo based on the number of FVRR families to help fund the FVRR program, so if you are not going to work them, we will be short that much in income to help cover the expenses of this program.

Question: Do I have to work my shifts or can I have someone else work them on my behalf?
Answer: You can absolutely choose to have someone work them on your behalf.  Just make sure that they indicate that they are working them for you when they sign up and also have their Bingo shift form signed and returned to you for you to turn in for credit! In fact, some parents have, in the past, traded volunteer hours for Bingo shifts.  *** NOTE: It is up to you to make those arrangements and make sure that they are completed (e.g. you are responsible to make sure they are completed for you).

Question: I’ve worked my 3 shifts, can I work more to earn credit for my family pledge account?
Answer: Yes, with the following conditions. 1st priority is giving to people trying to satisfy their 3 shifts. If there is an opening or “last minute” “urgent” shift, those can be available for credit. In the past, when these “open” shifts have typically been available has been towards the late Spring. *Note: Credit for these additional shifts will be based on the actual amount that bingo pays us for the shifts (e.g. if they only pay us $45, that is the amount of credit you will receive). Please also note…this is subject to change based on number of families in the program, number of shifts being assigned to FVRR, etc.)

Question: How much time do I have to work the 3 shifts?
Answer: The 3 shifts can be worked anytime throughout the school year. We use a July 1st – June 30th rolling year (follows our Fiscal Year). We recommend and ask that FVRR Families for Color Guard, Orchestra, Percussion students work 2 shifts in the fall and 1 shift in the spring when possible (as there are more demands for those groups in the Winter/Spring) and for the families of “Winds” (Woodwinds, Brass) to work 1 shift in the fall and 2 in the spring. If there are specific reasons why you would like to work those at other times, please contact the FVRR Bingo Manager.

Question: Why aren’t my bingo shifts that I worked reflected on my Family Pledge statement?
Answer: While you do sign in when you start your shift for bingo, that is only for their records. You must fill out a FVRR Parent Bingo Record (Sign Off sheet), have it signed by those running bingo AND turn that into the “FVRR Boosters” box in Room 310 (black box on the white cabinet as you enter the Band Room)…or you can mail it to us at the P.O. Box listed a href=here (at the bottom of that page).

Question: What if I cannot work the shift I signed up for?
Answer: Contact the FVRR Bingo Manager at least 48 hours prior to the shift so we can find a replacement.  If an FVRR volunteer is a no-show for an assign shift, the Bingo Program will charge FVRR $50…we will pass this cost on to you (on your Family Pledge statement) if you did not notify us in advance! Please help us avoid these costs by contacting the FVRR Bingo Manager as soon as possible.

Question: Can I work Bingo in lieu of volunteer hours?
Answer: While we encourage you to work your volunteer hours helping the students in the program (e.g. Pit Crew, Chaperone, Help with Fundraisers, attend Booster meetings, etc.), you certainly can. Each shift is worth 3 hours. You would need to sign up in advance (those satisfying their requested Bingo shifts have 1st priority), but you would bring your Parent Hours Participation Record (Volunteer hours sheet) to have your 3 hours signed off at Bingo. We have had parents do this…and we appreciate your support however you are able to provide it!

If you have a question regarding Bingo that is not answered here, please contact the FVRR Bingo Manager. If you still have questions, you can contact any one of the FVRR Executive Board (listed here).